3 Cool New WhatsApp Tricks You Should Know in 2018

3 Cool New WhatsApp Tricks

You Should Know in 2018

Recently on whats-app there are some amazing useful and helpful tricks. These amazing tricks make you powerful user. New whatsapp tricks will make your way of using whatsapp very best in 2018. Whatsapp is used to chat,sharing pictures and videos. People could also send their voices and documents through whatsapp.

Install app log Notification for whats-app:

First trick in our cool new whatsapp tricks is log notification.  Recently whats-app creates this option in whats-app that in 7 minutes if you delete message from your own chat this message will be delete from other side also but you can read this message if any one delete this message just install app log notification history from your app store. In app log notification all messages of whats-app and all notification of apps log in and you can easily read it after use this app. From Using this amazing Trick you can aware from a awesome and helpful new whatsapp tricks.

Storage usage:

By using Another new whatsapp tricks you can increase your’s information about Whatsapp. On whats-app if you have joined many groups than images,share videos and many messages can full your internal memory for this problem you can click on storage usage. In storage usage you can identify that which group have how many messages or videos and using memory. From storage usage you can delete all messages all extra data instead of one by one just in one time. Storage usage is very helpful for direct delete this data and you can also re-clean the internal memory. This new whatsapp tricks is very amazing and helpful for you.

Re-size pictures and Videos:

Last New whatsapp tricks is that On whats-app you have observed that when you sent images,videos in conventional chat than size and resolution of pictures and videos changed but if you attach this photo and video in documents and zip this data than images and videos sent in same size and in same resolution.

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