4 Secret Facebook Tricks That you Did not know

facebook tricks
facebook tricks

4 Secret Facebook Tricks That you Did not know

Facebook tricks are hidden secrets that mostly people don’t know.People try to find many things from Facebook but they could’t search. Because they don’t know the hidden tricks of Facebook.Facebook tricks in this post are four on number.These are;

First trick:

Open your Facebook application and go to discovery people option. In this trick you can find friends from specific areas. Where are you study,Job or office work.In this option classified friends are present for you so that you can find your own type of friends very easily.This feature help you to find your best type of friends.

Second trick:

In Facebook tricks second trick is that you can see explore feed .Facebook admin creates this option so that you can find your personal interest of post,videos and pictures.This feature help you to find your best entertaining material.

Third trick:

In latest version of Facebook there is option of Recommendation. In this option if a person go to any city and in this city you want to find any special place through this option you can find this area very easily. For example if you want to buy Mobile then you can search here that best mobile shop in this city. Then this option recommend’s you best shops of mobile in that city.If you want to go in a specific hotel. This is best option for you to find this hotel. Beside mobile and hotel you can also find many other places.

Fourth Trick:

In Facebook there is option of safety check. This Facebook trick will help you to come to know that which of your friend is safe or not. For example if you go to any place and you interrupt in a problem then you can convey this problem to your friends,family members and any one to your facebook friend.

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