Facebook Hidden Secrets and Tricks , That Nobody knows

You will know about Facebook Hidden Secrets and Tricks. Facebook is one of the best Website in Social Media.This Website is an American Online Social Media Service.It has more than 2 Billion as active users. Its Popularity has led to prominent Media Coverage for this Company. A big and important part of Facebook is that it contains so much information about users. Each Registered user on Facebook gets their own personal life and profile that shows their posts and content. The format of individual user page was revamped in September 2011 and Become knows “Timeline”. Chronological feed of user’s Stories, including status update, photos, interaction with apps and Events. More day by day Facebook provides more facilities for users. There are some Facebook Hidden Secrets and Tricks.

Facebook Hidden Secrets and Tricks

There are some Top Hidden Facebook Tricks. These tricks will help you to become a powerful user’s on Facebook. Furthermore these tips and tricks will also save you on Facebook.

Who liked and Disliked your photos in


In This trick you will come to know that in past which posts you liked and disliked. By mistake you like the post and after some months you remembered and now you want to dislike the post. You have to go on search bar and search photos like by me. After this all pictures and post will appear on your mobile screen. User’s can watch these post you have like in past. Now you want to know individually who likes your photos and post then you write photos like by friend name. This Trick in one of the top Facebook Hidden Secrets and Tricks.

Hide your Personal Friend:

If you want to hide your personal friends on mutual friends. By This  trick you can save and hide your personal friends. Go to profile and you can see here the option of activity log.

Facebook hidden secrets

Click on this button next screen you can see the option of filter. By click on this button now on next screen scroll your screen and find the option of Friends. After click this button your all friends on screen and you have to click just on hide on timeline. And will be able to hide personal friends on mutual friends for others. In Facebook Hidden Secrets and Tricks This Tricks will be very powerful for any user.

Log out From other Device:

This trick is very important for your Facebook account. If you have full command on Facebook Hidden Secrets and Tricks. You can use Facebook without any problem. Commonly it is observe that if you have no mobile data and no internet connection than for use Facebook you log in your Facebook account. On your’s friends mobile and after use the Facebook you forget to log out your Facebook account From that place. Use this important trick you can log out Facebook account from your own mobile.

For this trick you have to go profile and find the option of account setting. After click on account setting you can see the option of security and log in.

Facebook Hidden Secrets and Tricks
Facebook Hidden Secrets and Tricks

After Click on log in a screen will appear on this screen. You will come to know that where you logged in and log out your’s Facebook account. Complete information will be shown that in past where you have logged in and in present where this account is still log in. You have to just click on log out option. And after this you can easily log out your’s Facebook account from that place.

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