How To Increase Speed Of Wifi Upto 10X

Increase Speed Of Wifi

Everyone use wifi and wishes to have such wifi that have amazing speed.Now it is possible.A little trick will make your Wifi speed upto 10 times greater than before.In this technique you have to wrap a piece of metal around your Wifi.

This is latest and advanced method introduced by scientist to increase speed of wifi. In this method when Wifi signal reaches to metal from router.Then due to electromagnetic resonance,the power of Wifi is increased 10 times greater than before.

Speed of wifi
Increase Speed of wifi

If some one want even best result then use Aluminium cap on the router.This will give even more better result. Wifi is need of everyone now a days.Sometime,many people’s are using s single Wifi network.That’s why the signal quality decrease.So wrapping metal strip around it to increase speed is best way.

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