Top 6 Hidden Secrets of Google

Secrets of google

Top 6 Hidden Secrets of Google

Secrets of Google are many big facts of Google that mostly people do not know. Google is world biggest search engine that provide’s people a lot of information as well as entertainment. Many people’s try to search things from google. But they don’t know the best way of searching information from Google.

Google secrets are hidden fact’s about Google that mostly people don’t know. After knowing these secrets of google.Anyone could be able to search any type of information that one wants.Secrets of google

Secrets of Google

Google hidden fact’s or secrets about searching information from google are six. These are as follows;

Use of related:

When one want to search any website related to each other.Then he should use related: in search bar.And after that write the name of that website.You are trying to find.Like as you want to find related to Facebook then you can write . And this will provide you all websites related to Facebook.In this way you come to know about website.That you don’t know before.

 Use of search Operators

Sometime search operators on google like + or _ also help you to find something. Like as you find to searching about computers and if you add +windows then Google will provide all information related computers and windows. And if you are searching about computers and add – windows then Google will provide all information about computers except windows.

Use of Asterisk

In secrets of Google one secret is use of asterisk in Google search bar. When you try to find anything from google. It provide’s information only you are searching about. But replacing a word of your searches with asterisk. Will provide you all related information about what you are searching.

Use of Nearby

When you use the word nearby at the end of your search in Google search bar tool. Then Google provide’s you information nearly to you. Like if you are trying to find a hotel nearby you. You will search in google search bar Hotel nearby then it will provide the list of all nearby hotels etc.

Use of search within site

In secrets of google one is searching within sites.By using search within site will provide you all information.That you are searching from a particular website or blog. Like if you are finding about computers from Facebook.You will write It will provide all information like pages,groups and post’s about computers on Facebook.

Use of Title search

This is also a best secret of Google that if you are finding a particular keyword. And you want to see it in title then you can search it. Like as intitle: computer in search bar will give you all pages about computer in their title. If you want more keywords in title then use allintitle: instead of intitle:.

These were some facts about Google searches that mostly people don’t know.But knowing these facts will help you in searching from Google.


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